Three Unique Fundraising Event Ideas For Your College Club

Posted on: 30 October 2017


If you help run a college club, you probably need to fundraise in order to pay for events and activities. While you could just sell t-shirts or candy bars, these fundraising ideas are so overdone and over-rated. Why not try raising money through a unique on-campus event instead? You can charge a couple of dollars for admission and let students have a blast, all the while keeping the profits for your club's yearly needs. Here are a few unique college event ideas that are sure to receive awesome attendance.

Tie Dying T-Shirts

This is a fun, low-key event that you can set up in a single room and let students attend between classes. Buy a bunch or shirts, tie dying supplies, and some fabric markers. Charge students $10 -- enough to cover the cost of the shirt and dye while also making $2 or so profit from each student -- and let them show up to tie dye their own shirt. They can also write fun phrases on the shirts with the fabric markers. Have them leave the shirts behind for a few hours so the dye can work into the fabric, and then return a few hours later after classes to rinse the dye out.

Deal or No Deal

You've surely seen the show "Deal or No Deal" where contestants guess how much money is in the case. You can set up a similar event one evening on campus.  Watch the show a few times to make sure you know exactly how the game is played. 

Charge students $10 or $20 to attend, and divide some of the money up between the suitcases. (Maybe make your highest winning suitcase $30 or $50, rather than the million they use on the show!) Select which attendees get to participate via a random drawing. Play five or ten rounds, depending on how many students attend. Make sure you play few enough rounds that there is some money leftover for your club to keep. 

Six-Goal Soccer

This is a fun, athletic event that you can host as long as you have access to a big field, six soccer goals, and a soccer ball. Have students pay $20 or so to play, and divide them up into two teams of 10 or 12. Each member of the winning team earns their money back, and your club keeps the remainder! Your club can also sell refreshments to students who come watch the game in order to make a bit more money.