How To Plan A Perfect Tent Wedding

Posted on: 24 May 2017


Weddings are stressful enough, but if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you have even more stress and worry, as the weather can play a big role in your day. If you are having an outdoor wedding, a tent can make it a little less stressful, as you will at least have some cover to protect you from the rain and the wind (if you have sides to your tent). It may add to the cost of your budget a bit, but it will give you a little less worry on your big day. See below for tips on how to plan a perfect tent wedding.

Rent The Proper Sized Tent (Or Tents)

Be sure when renting a tent that you choose one that is the proper size to accommodate your guests, tables, seating, band (or DJ), food tables, dance floor and other areas. You may even want to think about renting a few different tents to allow for space away from the loud music and for your guests to have some quiet conversation. Your guests may really enjoy these spaces, and you and your new spouse may also enjoy this as well.

Consider The Weather

Depending on the season you are getting married in, the weather can be tricky. If there are still cool nights, you may want to think about having side walls added to your tent to keep your guests warm enough. If there's a threat of rain, side walls are also a good idea. You can also ask the tent rental company about adding a floor to the tented area to help keep the area from getting muddy in the event of rain.

Divide The Space

If you have a large tent, divide the space to allow for the areas mentioned above. In a hall, the areas are usually divided - there's space for a bar, a dance floor, band stage/DJ booth, tables and then an area for food service. Think about dividing your tent in this same way to make it feel less chaotic and a little more structured.

Add Decoration

Decorating a tent may seem like a hassle, but it's actually a great way to showcase your own style. Add string lighting to the ceiling of the tent (or ask the rental company if this is a service they offer). The string lighting can add a romantic feel in the evening and will make for some beautiful photographs. If there are a lot of poles throughout the tent, you can wrap them with fabric to help hide them a bit. Decorate tables with linens and centerpieces to match your wedding style and theme - from traditional or romantic to rustic or beach themed - the choice is all yours. The tent is like a blank canvas for you to decorate as you please. 

Renting a tent for your wedding can help take a little of the weather stress off of you on your big day. Call a tent rental company like A Party Place Rentals for a quote and see what other services and options they have available.