Three Things To Consider When Choosing Chairs For Your Wedding Ceremony

Posted on: 21 April 2016


When it comes to a beautiful and memorable wedding, the magic is in the details. While colors, flower choices and even centerpieces are important, you can't overlook those seemingly unimportant components of your special day either. Keep this thought in mind when it comes to chairs. Don't just choose any chair without first considering how the option will work for you.


When it comes to chairs, noise isn't generally a factor people consider. However, as your guests fidget in their chairs, they can easily cause them to slide. If your ceremony is being conducted on a hard floor surface, such as hardwood, this can lead to screeching and other offensive sounds.

Make sure the chair option has glides installed on the base of the legs. The glides create a smooth surface that will prevent the chair from making noise when it moves across the floor. If glides aren't an option, choose interlocking chairs. This style of chair locks to the chairs on each of its sides. This makes it harder for the chairs to slide, which can help keep noise away.


If your wedding and ceremony space are shared, it's a good idea to consider the maneuverability of the chairs. Try to avoid bulky, heavy chairs and choose lightweight, folding chairs instead. When your planner has only a few short minutes to transform the space, it's better to choose a chair option that will be easy to maneuver.

Folding chairs are generally a great option because they can easily be folded up, allowing an individual to carry more than one chair at a time. If you don't like the casual look of these chairs, don't forget you can easily put a chair cover on them.


When it comes to style, the question is – how well will the chair fit in with the existing space? Your chairs should be a design addition. They aren't just a seating surface. Choose chair rentals that will complement the existing decor.

For a modern wedding, an acrylic, or ghost, chair is a great option that can add a level of sophistication and sleekness to your space. For a farmhouse style wedding, a cross back chair is a great option since this chair style can offer a rustic, yet classic vibe to your space.

Make sure you aren't simply choosing the first chair option you see. Take your time to choose wisely.